Get Familiar: GoldLink

Born in D.C, raised in Maryland and now living in VA, rapper GoldLink entered the hip-hop climate last year awarding us a handful of experimental tracks that left most of us somewhere between outer space and Ginuwine. GoldLink calls this “Futuristic Ass Bounce” or “Future Bounce” for the more conservative among us, although ‘conservative’ isn’t quite in his vocabulary. Read more

Ibn Inglor

Ibn Inglor: King of the Lost Children | Interview

Ibn Inglor doesn't live here in the present. There's a place in the distant future where sunlight has vanished leaving only neon lights, decaying buildings and apocalyptic soundscapes. This is where Ibn Inglor lives.

Over the past year the Chicago emcee has been able to paint this dynamic, ominous picture with two highly-acclaimed pieces in the form of GawdsSpeed and New Wave and as we enter 2014, Ibn's rise to relevance may not be that far away in the future as first thought. Interested in the unique persona Inglor has crafted and music that could quite easily feature as a soundtrack for a possible Spike Lee Sci-fi horror, Dave Reid set out to find out what the Chicago artist is all about. From Akira to obnoxious bloggers to a project that almost never happened, Ibn Inglor needs to be heard and the time is now. Read more

Interview: Bipolar Sunshine discusses his solo ascent

Cold, wet and dreary; a typical winter's night backdrop was apt for our interview with Manchester's rising starlet Bipolar Sunshine. Emerging from the 2012 split of Kid British, Adio Marchant has moved from strength to strength with his modest yield of tracks that transfer you between soaring euphoria and taxi arguments with your girlfriend.

Whether it's the dark orchestral optimism of "Fire" or the affable reassurance of "Love More Worry Less," Adio has carved a warm affinity with his work and its listeners, one that has made so many fans over the past year. But where, what and why? Intrigued and allured, Dave Reid decided to find out from the man himself - one of the UK's most legitimate and captivating emerging artists of 2013. Read more

Sam Smith | Get Familiar

You've probably heard of Sam Smith by now. This 21-year-old British singer's name has been on everyone's lips of late: the no-brainer of new music; President-elect for pop superstardom in 2014. 

You might've heard his star-making turns on Naughty Boy's "La La La" and Disclosure's "Latch" - the former remains one of the biggest selling singles of the last year whilst the latter is perhaps the best 'dance' song of the last ten. He can count Maxwell as one of his biggest fans, after the soul music titan spent the entire summer gushing about the Brit to his millions of fans online, and he's sold out shows in New York and LA; all without an album or even a proper single release to his name. Read more

Suicide: Missed Calls, Guilt & Goodbyes #OKNotToBeOK

It was the last Bank holiday in May, a Monday morning, 8am, and I received a text from one of my closest friends asking if it was okay to call.

I got that sinking feeling.

Firstly, because close friends don't ask permission to call. Well, not mine anyway - they wake my ass up at all hours for things ranging from nail varnish colours (anyone who knows me knows how ridiculous this is), to juice recipes, needing my AA cover to get towed home or just to say hi.

My first thought - are the kids ok? My second - is she? My third - what the fuck's wrong! I don't recall the beginning of the conversation, or if there were any pleasantries or formalities. I don't know if she heard the panic in my voice, that I always try to play down, and is often mistaken for nonchalance, when I really do care.

I just remember the softly spoken voice of a usually cheeky and often loud friend saying, "David passed away." Read more

FKA twigs | Get Familiar

FKA twigs

A relatively hidden gem, UK songstress FKA twigs (formerly Twigs) is an immense and exciting talent who mysteriously emerged offering a unique take on the current trends of ethereal alternative R&B, with echoes, ticks and whispers that distinctly punctuate her music. Read more

Me & Mom Dukes, NYC, December 2012

Music My Medicine, Yoga My Therapy #OKNotToBeOK

Mental health issues were never unusual to me. In fact, they were pretty normal and still are. When I was seven or eight my cousin attempted suicide and I walked in on her crushing pills into the bathroom carpet. I didn’t know exactly what was happening but I alerted my parents by saying she was "crushing chalk." I never saw my laid-back dad move out of that bed and into the bathroom quicker in my life. Read more

Interview: Naughty Boy on avoiding the industry, Emeli Sandé's rise & Hotel Cabana

The majority of us were introduced to Naughty Boy's sounds a few years before we ever caught a glimpse of him. Having taught himself to make music from the shed in his parents’ garden on a Watford estate, the British producer and songwriter, real name Shahid Khan, began furnishing homegrown rappers with beats - Bashy, Devlin and Tinie Tempah among them - before connecting with a then little-known Scottish singer, Emeli Sandé.

Their chance meeting led to an engaging musical partnership that resulted in him producing and co-writing all tracks, bar five, on her multi-platinum selling debut Our Version Of Events, which became the UK’s best-selling album of 2012. 18 months on and Naughty Boy’s own album, Hotel Cabana, debuted at number two this summer, tugging Khan to the forefront.

On a mission to delve into the character of the man behind the hits, SoulCulture sat down with Naughty Boy over a tasty curry in Covent Garden to discuss developing his craft, learning from Emeli Sandé, avoiding the industry, growth of the UK music scene and adjusting to prominence. Read more

Interview: Charlie Wilson talks longevity, Kanye West and beating cancer | SoulCulture TV

Charlie Wilson

From lead singer of the iconic Gap Band to revered solo artist in his own right, with four decades of hard work and success in the music game under his belt R&B legend Charlie Wilson still knows exactly how to get the people going. His latest album, Love, Charlie, was released at the top of the year but it is his constant touring and collaborations with contemporary hit-makers that keep him at the forefront; his recent live TV performances with Kanye West serving undeniable reminders of Wilson's ever-impressive, soulful showmanship, in case you forgot.

In our recent interview, Charlie Wilson discusses staying relevant and inspired, working with Kanye, his admiration for Rihanna and Beyonce, and battling prostate cancer. Watch below. Read more

Rock The Bells Festival 2013: LA Roundup


Presented by Guerrilla Union, Hip-Hop's traveling mega festival Rock The Bells kicked off its tenth anniversary Saturday, September 7th at San Bernardino, California's San Manuel Amphitheater to what could be considered some of the best performances the genre has to offer all year (including what's left). Read more

Hip-Hop Roundup: Charts, Control, Pusha Teasers & Shady's Berzerk


The VMA aftermath was quite a messy one, but after the empty cups have been swept up and I've seen enough Miley Cyrus GIFS to question my existence, it's time for us to get back to some real music.

Last week was full of hits, releases and news in Hip-Hop and if like Kanye you were out performing for the Kazakhstan President, you might not have had time to keep up. If your excuse isn't quite as grandeur (maybe it was only the head of Belarus), don't worry, we won't judge, we are however on hand to help as we stack up the top 5 moments in Hip-Hop of the week gone by. Read more

Chrisette Michele - Better | Album Review

Much has changed for Chrisette Michele in the three years since her last release; she has admitted to developing an addiction to unhealthy food and gaining 40 pounds in the process, leading her to delve deeper into her conflicted state of mind for lyrical content and forcing her to confront aspects of her life that may have been suppressed during previous records. The cathartic process of recording Better makes the title an apt description of Michele herself, and results in a record that is open and ultimately uplifting. Read more

Eric Lau - One Of Many | Album Review

Eric Lau: 'One Of Many' Album Cover

Known for his work with Lupe Fiasco, Georgia Anne Muldrow, Chris Dave and Oddisee, to name just a few, and his DJing in support of the likes of Erykah Badu and Questlove, British producer Eric Lau steps back into the limelight with his second album One Of Many, showcasing his skills as a songwriter as well as a producer. Read more

SoulCulture @ Yahoo! Wireless Festival Day 1 Round Up #SCWireless

Yesterday (Friday, 12th July) marked the beginning of the Yahoo! Wireless Festival at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in Stratford, East London and SoulCulture was in the house soaking in the sights and sounds of the day and we survived the crowds and heat to bring you a little taste of what went down.Read more

Thundercat - Apocalypse | Album Review


Stephen Bruner, aka Thundercat, has become the go-to bassist for artists seeking a virtuosic but tasteful low-ender. Notably on Flying Lotus’ 2010 LP, Cosmogramma, his fidgety six-string runs meshed perfectly with FlyLo’s electronica, heralding a surprisingly coherent musical partnership that would blossom with Thundercat’s first solo offering, The Golden Age of Apocalypse.

Whilst on paper the idea of a fusion-versed bassist collaborating with an electronica producer might sound inaccessible, in practice the result is accessible almost to the point of pop. Thundercat’s sound is a near-perfect marriage of catchy soul imbued with a sense of Afrofuturism [vaguely reminiscent of the likes of Weather Report and Billy Cobham], creating an album that valiantly attempts to present technological and musical virtuosity in coexistence with funk and soul.

Enter Apocalypse. The album's grandiose title serves to signpost the ambitious content in store. Read more

Mac Miller - Watching Movies With The Sound Off | Album Review


Ask any artist their creative process and they will convey a special story. Whether it's stuffing the studio with yes-men, relocating to Hawaii or making sure they’re high on acid; every practitioner has a unique way of creating art. Mac Miller's story involves plenty of muted throwback '80s films and wildlife documentaries. Quite an interesting process, right? Let me explain.

In the past four years a lot has changed for Mac. Between his own MTV reality show, moving from Pittsburgh to LA and acquiring a bunch of new rap friends, he managed to produce the first independent number one album in 15 years. But if we're on the subject of change I suppose we better talk about the biggest change of all; Mac Miller's sophomore record Watching Movies With The Sound Off. Read more