The Bullitts present Amelia Sparks’ Diary: Days 109-131 x “Close Your Eyes” out now

“Close Your Eyes” the first single from The Bullitts forthcoming debut album They Die By Dawn & Other Stories is out now. Buy it on iTunes HERE.

Welcome to the latest installment of The Diary Of Amelia Sparks

The Bullitts story unfolds on on with new twists and turns, secret societies and false identities through the multimedia online diary that Amelia Sparks (played by Hollywood actress Lucy Liu) has been sharing via twitter (Catch up with Days 1-42 here, Days 43-51 here, Days 52-58 here, Days 58-71 here, Days 72-92 here, Days 93-99 here & Days 100-108 here).

Lucy Liu is joined by Idris Elba who plays the part of Saul Emmanuel.

The Bullitts forthcoming debut album They Die By Dawn & Other Stories (which features Mos Def, Jay Electronica, Tori Amos + more) is an audio movie narrated by actress Lucy Liu (Listen to the first single Close Your Eyes with Jay Electronica x Lucy Liu) who from what I can gather from her diary entries so far via @TheBullitts is a disturbed (possibly schizophrenic) young woman who finds herself pulled into a dark twisted story filled with secrets, deceit & murder.

Catch up on days 109-131 after the jump, be warned… It is not for the faint of heart.

Another long night… or day. It seems like I never get to sleep anymore.
I spent most of the last day in Michael/Saul’s apartment. He never showed up. His things are still there.
Although apart from the books, there isn’t stuff that one would need to take with them in the event of a move.
I took Arabella with me. She searched the place high and low looking for anything. Found nothing.
When we got home Anthony was having a crying fit. An emotional breakdown.
He was saying that he feels useless and his life’s purpose is oblivious to him. Personally I wished he’d just shut up. I hate self pity.
He began to calm down after an hour or so. I consoled him by telling him when I catch Christian, i’d let him make the kill.
Basically I lied.
Soon after I saw the SUV pull up outside. Do these guys ever do anything outside of continuously watching from a distance.
There is a name for people like that…
A Peeping Tom.
In the end I managed to get a full 60 minutes sleep. Things must be looking up.

I woke up because my phone was buzzing.
I hardly ever use my email address, so how someone knows it leaves me in wonder.
It was an email from Christian.
Some people can’t just leave Dead Enough alone!
The email was short: “Just to let you know I’m doing okay. I won’t be back.”
The guy is insane. At least his email wasn’t in all caps.
No one has a clue where he his but Christian is as clumsy as he is ruthless so I know that I’ll be catching up with him soon.
His email is from the address:
What the hell is a ‘Zuluikiss?
I’ll be sure to ask his corpse.

Another email from Zulukiss began my day: “No sleep til Brooklyn.”
I’ve had enough of the fun and games. Why can’t everyone just play straight?
Christian says he wants out but sends silly emails as if nothing bad has transpired between us.
He hasn’t even taken down his stupid website.
When he sent me that email I replied asking if I could runaway with him. I thought the idea could appeal to the kid in him.
“I would love you to, but I’m not that stupid to think that you’re being sincere.”
He didn’t fall for it. Good for him.
I would have killed him on sight.
Soon after the email Saul called and said he has a Brooklyn address for an ex girlfriend of Christian’s.
Lefferts Avenue, between Bedford & Rogers.
I called Delancy Cars and went straight there.
It was about a half hour journey. I got to the door and knocked the door handle. No bell. A pretty blonde, mid twenties, opened the door.
Before I could open my mouth-
“Christian don’t live here. He never did. If I never see him again, it’ll be too soon. So tell your people to stop coming.”
She closed the door in my face.
I stood outside the door in shock but my startle was broken by the sound of a baby crying.
Christian Chapman has a child.
“No sleep til Brooklyn”
That’s when I knew he still visits there. He’s probably there as we speak.
I called Saul and told him about the child. He already knew. I told him that I need use of the SUV. We’re to embark on a stakeout!

I was surprised Saul agreed to the SUV usage so easily.
As I approached my apartment the passenger side door of the vehicle swung open. I peeped inside.
The man at the back with the headphones smiled as I climbed in.
The van was full of gadgets and surveillance equipment. I was in awe. I love this kind of stuff.
“Hi I’m Amelia. Do you think one of you can teach me how to use this gear?”
“Not at all. Is it Lefferts Ave, Brooklyn?”
-Said the greying man in the drivers seat. I nodded in agreement.
He drove off with me barely sitting. I almost fell onto the sound man.
I don’t know how they did it, but I could swear it only took 15 mins maximum to get there.
We’ve been outside of Christians house ever since. I watched her take her baby for a morning stroll. It turns out her name is JOANNE.
Her baby boy’s name:
That was definitely a name given by Christian.
Now we just wait until he turns up.
I keep falling asleep inside this van. I don’t know if it’s due to lack of sleep or because these guys are boring me to death.
The interesting piece of information I’ve found out is that Django is only a couple of weeks old.
That would explain Christian suddenly wanting to get away from the COA. It’s not his own life he is afraid for, it’s his son’s.
These two idiots are driving back to the city. They said they got an order from Saul to return. Why? I didn’t even see a phone ring.


We drove to Brooklyn over 15 hours ago and have been outside ever since. I don’t understand the meaning of a stakeout…
When it seems like something may happen these guys drive me back home and when absolutely zero is going down, they stay put. I don’t get it.
There has been no activity in Lefferts Avenue. Nothing. Not even a moving curtain.
Matter of fact, the only thing moving are the fumes coming off these guys i’m lumbered with. I want to get out of here.
They have no conversation skills whatsoever. Then driver wears a wedding ring, but makes no reference to having a family.
Maybe that’s the discipline.
I’m about to leave this vehicle and walk back to manhattan. I don’t care how late it is. If these guys are staying the night I’m leaving.
I motioned to get out of the car and the driver held my arm and said;
“Stay put.”
Is he insane?
I yanked my arm away, opened the car door and got out. I’ll see Richard Drefuss and Emilio Estevez tomorrow.
I’ll walk home.

Interesting thing just happened. I was walking away from the SUV then I crossed the road and doubled back. I got right close to the house…
Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum didn’t see me, so I ran down the side of the house. All of the lights are off and they’ve been off all eve.
I’m positive no one is home. I’m going in.
There must be a window open or something.
The kitchen window! We have liftoff!!
I’m in!!!
I’m in the bedroom. No one is here. Why are those idiots outside keep flashing the car lights toward the house? Do they know I’m in here?
Are they signalling me? Why?
Fuck I think that’s the door! It’s opening.
I’ve hopped in the wardrobe. She’s coming up the stairs. SHIT!!!
I can’t hear Django. He’s probably asleep. I’m trying to look through the crack of the wardrobe doors.
She’s in the room!!! She has her baby in her arms. She’s laying him on her bed… And she’s slumped out on her bed.
I think she’s falling asleep. Isn’t she going to put Django in his proper bed?
Nope. She’s out for the count.
I’m going to sneak out. If she wakes up while mid sneak, I’ll just have to kill her…
Just joking…
Don’t know what I’ll do. Let’s try not to find out. Here we go.
Okay I’m outside of the bedroom…
Walking down these stairs… Too damn creaky…
Out the front door! Close.
I’ve run straight to the SUV. They’re opening the doors like they knew this was going to happen.
The driver looked at me calmly, smiled and said;
“Amelia, next time I say stay put, please do me a favour…”
“Stay put?”
“Stay put!”
So I’m just sitting here I guess. At the mercy of these two.

It’s quite alarming that I would go a whole day and a half with no sleep.
I haven’t even tried to rest since yesterday. I woke up and looked for the car outside my window. They weren’t there. I knew it…
They had to shower sometime!
I got dressed and hopped a yellow taxi straight to Brooklyn.
I waited outside the house for an hour. No movement. I couldn’t resist the urge. I knocked the door.
Joanne opened the door with Django in hand. The baby is adorable.
“I see the car outside everyday.”
“I’m alone today.”
“Do you want to come in?”
It was strange. I walked in, but I’m sure I gave off the aura that I had been in her house before.
I can’t describe it but It was as if she knew.
We sat down in the living room. I felt like a vampire… finally invited in.
She never said nothing to me at first. She started breast feeding Django. I always find that strange, people who do that.
In front of strangers.
But it’s her home and her child, so who am I to pry?
The baby literally fell asleep while feeding, then Joanne started talking.
“What is it that you all think I know?”
“I’m not sure.”
“Then why the interest?”
“Because of what Christian does.”
“Which is?”
“You don’t know? Seriously?”
“He told me he worked for a delivery company.”
“He probably does… when he isn’t killing people.”
Her face went pale. She doesn’t know who Christian really is, it was obvious.
“I, I don’t understand.”
“Well understand that people want Christian dead.”
“And you, what do you want?”
I looked at the baby. Sleeping. Not knowing the evil men do.
“I wanted him dead too.”
“And now?”
“Now I don’t know.”
Joanne told me how she met Christian. In a drug recovery program. She used to be a heroin addict as was Christian. I didn’t know this.
They were together for 5 years. While he was clean. Then he started using again. Around the time she found out she was pregnant.
Then he started abusing her. So she moved from Long Island to Brooklyn and had Django. It turns out she named him. Go figure.
A week ago he found out where she was living and began coming around. She let him in once but he wouldn’t leave. She had to call the police.
She was more concerned for her son’s safety than her own.
As was Christian.
We were talking for hours. She has led a really interesting life. Fascinating actually. Much more than my own. I was glued to her story.
Early evening we both noticed the SUV pulling up outside.
“Your friends are here.”
“I’ll go to them.”
“Amelia wait.”
She have me her number and told me to call her anytime for anything. I gave her mine.
“I’ll be right outside.”
I walked right up to the car. The door opened in usual spy-like fashion. You should of seen their faces. Priceless.
I couldn’t resist. I had to say it:
“Next time guys, stay put.”

Joanne just texted me:
“Christian is here. He’s going crazy. Where are you? Where is the car? Help!”
Literally 2 hours sleep. The SUV isn’t outside my apartment. They dropped me home and left. I don’t know where they are. I’ll take a taxi.
I’ll also take Arabella’s coat…
And machete.
It was an odd night. I got to her place in 20 minutes. The door was open.
Christian had just left.
He attempted to take the baby. They struggled. Supposedly he was high. But I don’t think that had anything to do with it. That guy is nuts.
He gave Joanne a black eye. Her mouth was bleeding.
I called Saul. He told me to stay with her and wait for his men. I did, but Christian never returned.
I’ve been with her since. Just waiting. She wants to leave here, but my place is too small keep her.
Saul said he may be able to help. So hopefully he’ll come ip with something later. I’m going to try and sleep a bit.
Joanne and I have been up all night.

Saul’s phone call just woke me up. I’m glad. Joanne has the most uncomfortable sofa. My back is killing me.
He wants her to gather all her things and move over to an apartment he has vacant in TriBeCa.
She said she hasn’t got much she wants to take. Just things for Django. I still don’t understand why she named him that.
The guys are outside waiting for us.
She says she has everything she wants to take. All fitting into a gym bag:
“Is that it?”
“Everything else can burn… along with him.”
“And they shall. Let’s go.”
We’re headed to the car. Django in tow.
On our way to the city now. These two guys have never been more polite and jovial. What fakes. Joanne actually thinks the driver’s cute.
We arrived at the apartment, put Joanne’s bag down, put Django to sleep and we crashed out on the sofa. Much more comfortable than hers.
It’s a really nice apartment. Looks brand new. Where does Saul get these places from?
It’s fully furnished with a healthy kitchen set. If Christian miraculously finds his way here, he’ll be killed on sight.
Joanne is fast asleep. I’ll sneak out and go home. I need my own bed for a change.
Hopefully I’ll get a good 4 hours sleep, wake up around 12:15… and begin the hunt for Christian Chapman again.


I slept for 10 hours straight. I must have needed it, I could have slept more but Arabella woke me up.
She said my phone alarm kept going off and she couldn’t silence it. I personally think she was bored and wanted conversational company.
I tried to go back to sleep but she said me;
“The only time you ever have time is when you don’t have time for me!”
I got up and listened to Arabella talk about her frustrations with waiting for something bad and exciting to happen.
She talks so fast that when it seemed like I had been listening for an hour, it had only been fifteen minutes!
Then she let something slip…
It was her birthday!
Until I fall asleep and wake up, it still is her birthday! As a kid your birthday begun and ended when you wake up to when you went to bed.
I felt terrible. As much as a fuss was made over me for my birthdays as child, I never enjoyed them. But I wouldn’t want to put that on Ara.
I hopped in the shower and got dressed. Anthony was floating in and out of the apartment like Jack Tripper. I made him stay put.
Then I asked Arabella;
“What is the craziest thing you’ve always wanted to do… apart from kill someone?”
“Well I’ve always wanted to kill a rabbit. I don’t know why.”
“Okay Elmer Fudd, apart from kill a rabbit, what’s the craziest thing you’ve always wanted to do?”
“Well… I always wanted to kill-”
“-Arabella! No killing!!!! Surely there must be something else?”
She whispered in my ear so Anthony couldn’t hear. I laughed but thought it was absolutely ridiculous.
I gathered the troops and walked outside to the SUV. We all got in and I told the driver to take us uptown. Anthony was looking confused.
We drove a few blocks and stopped at a grocery store. I hopped out and bought a packet of 100 balloons.
Hopped back in the car and drove up to about 95th. I made the driver stop at a gas station.
Arabella and I went over to the tap and filled at least 20 balloons with water. The men in the car looked bedazzled.
We hopped back in the car and made the driver circle the area. Arabella had a huge grin on her face. No one else knew what was going on.
Arabella shouted;
The driver halted. Arabella ran out with two water balloons in her hand. There was a couple holding hands crossing the street…
Arabella ran over them and with as much force as she could muster, threw the balloons point blank at the lovebirds.
She ran back to us and we drove off at top speed. I burst out laughing and so did Arabella. What proceeded then was even shocking to me.
Every last person in that vehicle chose two targets and executed with vigour. We drove around for hours giggling like children.
Anthony stopped to fill more balloons. He wanted more. He was going after teenagers. Sad but funny.
We’ve not been back long, but Arabella’s birthday is over now… because I’m going to sleep.
At least now she’s smiling, which is not how the day started.

I don’t even know the time. 10:30 or something? It feels much later than it is. My phone keeps ringing. I heard the sound pierce my dream.
It’s Saul. I don’t want to answer but I kind of have to.
“Get dressed Amelia. I need you down at the TriBeCa apartment.”
“Saul, I need sleep. Can’t u send Arabella?”
“No. Joanne tried to hang herself.”
“She never succeeded. We stopped her.”
“H, how?”
“The entire place is rigged with cameras. I need you to stay with her tonight Amelia. Get dressed.”
He’s put the phone down. I don’t know how much more of this babysitting stuff I can take. Arabella and Anthony are enough already…
Now I have to add another loose canon?
I’ll get dressed…
But if she acts up, I’ll kill her myself,
The damn car isn’t outside. Saul said it’ll be here. I’ll walk down and get a taxi,
Got a taxi. Should be there in a minute.
Been up with her all night. This woman is as batshit crazy as Christian.
She opened the door to me as if nothing had happened. Apart from a mark around her neck you would never know what transpired moments before.
I walked in the house and she was playing Blondie’s ‘Hanging On The Telephone’. My face went pale.
“Something wrong?”
“This song. Christian plays it all the time. Like a sign that he’s about to kill someone.”
“He hates this song. He didn’t even know it until I played it for him.”
She went to the kitchen to make me a coffee. I intercepted and made it myself.
Call me distrusting, but I feel funny about suicidal people preparing my food and drink.
We sat down. I couldn’t help but ask her about her hanging attempt. When I asked what happened she said;
“You know, sometimes you just want to see what’s on the other side.”
As calm as a squirrel in the sunlight.
This woman is severely off kilter.
She’s just nodding off. I refuse to fall asleep before her, cameras in the house or not.
“Off Kilter”, “Nodding Off”, I think I watch too much old British tv shows.
Anyway, I’ll sleep on this sofa until Saul tells me I can go home. Hopefully soon. It’s daylight outside.

Saul just woke me up screaming down the phone…
That dumb driver has that interview posted online!!
Supposedly he talks about me, Saul and the COA! I can’t believe it. How can he drive for Saul and be so careless?
I haven’t seen the interview yet. Saul said he’ll send me the link.
I asked him if he is going to kill the driver. Saul said he isn’t worth it, but he has to find out what other information was given up.
I think he is going to catch a flight back to London.
Saul has just sent through the link.
OH SHIT!!!! This bigmouth has compromised the whole operation:

Saul might disagree, but I should get Arabella to go after the driver and the interviewer.
Does this mean I have to go into hiding?
I haven’t been able to sleep a wink. My phone has been ringing non stop. Weirdos I haven’t spoken to in years, asking me crazy questions.
I’ve stopped answering. Saul hasn’t called again. I think he’s on a flight to London to clean this mess up.
I left Joanne sleeping pretty much as soon as I heard about the interview. I’ll try and get some sleep then go and check on her.


I slept for two more hours. A joke. Joanne called me saying that she thinks Christian knows where she is. I went over there.
The place was an absolute mess, as if a bomb had hit it. Django was crawling around naked and crying. Joanne was sat on the floor screaming.
She wasn’t saying any words, just screaming. I put my hand on her shoulder to calm her. She pushed it away;
“It’s because of you. You did this. You turned Christian into what he is. You!”
“Joanne calm down. You’re not making sense.”
“Don’t tell me to calm down you bitch. You started this!”
Then she stood up and tried to punch me. I restrained her. She kept shouting for me to let go. When she calmed down, I did.
“He was a good man in the beginning. He changed because of you Amelia. He only did it if he had to.”
“Did what?”
That’s when she started screaming for me to get out. I didn’t want any more commotion, so I left. And I did so knowing two things…
One: If Christian knows where Joanne is it’s because she told him…
And two: She knew he was a killer way before I told her.
And a not to distant third: I have to get the baby away from that crazy bitch.
I have been up since. Not a wink. Between that crazy driver’s interview and Joanne’s activities, I can’t find the mental space for sleep.
I don’t want to resort to sleeping pills. Not after what happened to my Mother.
So I’ll close my eyes and and call upon the voices. They give me dynamite sonic In real time.
I guess this is my life. The cradle and knife. In the end… everything grows until dies.

Saul just woke me up. 1:05am. It never ends.
He’s in London. Says that his driver has gone missing. He’s trying to track him down.
When he catches him he should beat the truth out of him. How many interviews has he given?
And Saul needs to be more careful who he hires. How many more leaks are there in his organisation?
I hope I can get back to sleep. This day, like most recently, has been a nightmare. I’d sooner take a flame-thrower to the whole month.
I can’t stop thinking about Joanne. How much does she know exactly? Did she know about the murders as they happened or after the fact?
I like her less and less, which is ironic… Because the last person I disliked I ran a kitchen knife across their throat.
I have to stop thinking about killings and just get to sleep.

I woke up after about six hours thinking one thing…
Joanne knows more.
“Please let me kill her Amelia.”
I don’t know who is more nuts, Joanne or the waitress turned psychopath I was standing before.
The difference is Arabella doesn’t lie.
We both went to the apartment to see Joanne and gather more information on Christian and herself.
Joanne greeted us all smiles. I introduced her to Arabella. It was unbelievable, you would never think what happened before even took place.
Joanne seemed genuinely warm to Arabella, who in turn fell head over heels in love with Django.
We were leaving the apartment after what seemed like a bizarre and insincere barrage of compliments to and fro.
I wanted to get the hell out of that place. As we were leaving, Arabella kissed Django and said in a baby type voice;
“I wish I could take you with me.”
And that’s when everything changed.
Joanne walked off calmly without saying a word. We barely even noticed. She came back as I took Django from Arabella.
I noticed Joanne had an empty wine bottle on her hand. But thought nothing of it.
I motioned to pass Django over to her, but she ignored me and walked toward Arabella. Arabella smiled…
And Joanne smashed the bottle over her head.
I almost dropped the baby. Arabella was out cold immediately and was bleeding from the head. Joanne started screaming at Arabella;
I put Django on the ground…
She fell to the floor with my hands around her neck. I know exactly what was going through my mind as I strangled her:
“Stop breathing you crazy bitch”.
But breathing is exactly what I heard coming from Arabella. A nasal heavy, muted, strained breath. I had to get her to a hospital.
Joanne was almost motionless. I let her live and screamed toward the door for help. I know the cameras picked up everything.
Saul’s man, the SUV driver, kicked Joanne’s door in. He lifted Arabella up and hurried out.
I followed him to the vehicle.
We drove straight to the hospital. Arabella’s head was bleeding badly.
And we’ve been here since. Arabella needed sixty eight stitches. She’s stable but worn out. Drifting in and out of consciousness.
And so am I, falling in and out of sleep by her bedside.

We took Arabella home in the morning. She was drowsy, but in good spirits.
Her head was bandaged but she was smiling. Not talking much but I can see her brain was running at 100 miles an hour.
When we got to the apartment she asked me for a glass of hot water. I couldn’t get over how unlike herself she sounded.
I obliged. When I got back she was crouched over on the floor throwing up.
She seemed to be in dire pain but not from her head. From her stomach region.
It was literally non stop. She kept throwing up. I asked her what she had ate. She murmured the word;
She seemed really ill but insisted it wasn’t head related. She didn’t want to go back to the hospital. I trusted her and stayed with her.
Toward the latter part of the evening Arabella started to feel better. She was smiling again.
She still isn’t 100%. not even 35, but she’s better than she was earlier.
I put her in the bedroom, I’ve taken the couch. I can hear her groaning from here.
Probably at the fact she is incapacitated for a minute. She shouldn’t worry, there is going to be payback.

Arabella felt much better. She wasn’t throwing up anymore but her stomach was sore. She has been through so much in the past few days.
I am totally conflicted with the whole ‘Joanne addition’ to events. Just who is this crazy woman hiding from a killer?
And she is batshit crazy. History has taught us many things, but one lesson stands above the rest…
Mad people and killers go hand in hand.
I need to speak to Saul about her. I’ve called him but he’s not answering. He must be still in London.
I feel like my hands are tied when it comes to Joanne. Why? Saul knows she is insane, and if he didn’t before, he does now!
I suppose it’s a waiting game. I get it. But if something doesn’t happen soon I am going to explode!
I stayed home all day. Didn’t even look outside of the window.
But tomorrow will be different…
When I awake I am going to actively look for trouble.

Woke up the morning, with still no word from Saul. What is he doing?
Unless he is finding out more information about the COA, he should have been back from London by now.
Arabella was sleeping when I left the apartment. Anthony was sleeping on the floor.
He got the keys cut a few days ago so he comes and goes as he pleases.
I took the SUV down to Joanne’s. Rang the bell for at least 5 minutes before she answered. As soon as she did…
I hit her with a wine bottle over her head. I didn’t know how the drivers didn’t see the bottle concealed in my jacket.
Even more baffling was why the bottle didn’t break. I’m new to the bottle breaking business, but I know that I hit her with real hard force.
We both fell to the floor and struggled. What I noticed then made my head dizzy… literally.
It was a letter…
Addressed to Joanne
Joanne Jeffries.
I stopped struggling, got up and left the house. I needed to get hold of Saul immediately.
The drivers never had a shred of information. Saul tells them nothing.
But I had too many questions…
It’s official. I have insomnia. I literally cannot sleep. Every time I lay my head down it feels like I’m wasting time.
The more that happens to me, the less I sleep.
I haven’t even rested since I found out about Joanne. I’ve sent Saul emails and texts but no reply. I’m just waiting now.
Is she a wife of Michael? A sister? She has to be related in some way. I do not believe in coincidences.
I’ll find out… Then act accordingly.
They say the truth shall set you free. I say freedom is dependent on what the truth actually is.

Saul called me. He is in London. Still. He hasn’t spoken to his driver yet. He says the guy has gone into hiding.
I got straight into it.
Saul told me everything I asked about Joanne Jeffries.
She was married to Michael. She is his widow.
Saul doesn’t know how long she has been with Christian, but he knows this…
Django is not the son of Christian Chapman.
My jaw dropped when he told me. I felt sick. I had killed Django’s father.
What I didn’t understand was how could she be around me knowing I killed her husband and the father of her child. Saul replied:
“Simple. She doesn’t know. For some reason that we’ve yet to find out, Christian hasn’t told her. Probably because he has designs on her.”
All of this information knocked me for six, but there were still major holes I needed to fill.
I assembled the troops; Arabella & Anthony. I sat them down and told them all that Saul told me. Arabella was shocked:
“We should kill her before she takes revenge.”
It was good to see Arabella was getting back to her usual caring self.
Anthony on the other hand, said something that stuck:
“Christian is the goal. Not Joanne. You need to stay focused Amelia.”
He was right. I need to stay in tune with the mission at hand. Stop Christian Chapman.
But I wholeheartedly agree with Arabella when she said:
“Okay it’s kill Christian Time, I get it. But can you promise me that if the she-bitch gets in the way, we expire her immediately.”
We had a deal.

All last night Arabella and Anthony were plotting ways to bring Christian Chapman out of hiding. They were all silly ideas.
You don’t catch an alligator with a goldfish… You catch it with a bigger alligator.
All we’ll have to do is let Christian know where Joanne is staying.
She says he found out already, but in retrospect I think she made that whole incident up.
I also have a strong hunch that Joanne knows how to contact Christian.
Anthony and I came over to Joanne’s apartment. She wasn’t in when we got here… And hasn’t been back since. We’ve been here over 10 hours.
I was falling asleep and so was Anthony. We decided to sleep shifts. What I didn’t count on was the length of time Anthony actually sleeps.
He’s just woken up. I haven’t had a wink. I’ll try to get a couple of hours in now. Not that I even will be able to.
Insomnia is a bitch… And I am her daughter.

Joanne came back… And chaos ensued.
I didn’t even know she was there, until Anthony fell on top of me and woke me up.
I woke to Joanne attacking Anthony and him trying to fight her off him.
I jumped up and held them both apart. Joanne was screaming profanities, telling us to get out.
We left as swiftly as we entered. I didn’t let Joanne know that I had key cut for her apartment.
I took Joanne’s spare set of keys from the glove compartment of the SUV. The drivers didn’t even care. They literally looked the other way.

I knew I’d be back at Joanne’s when things calmed down, so I didn’t worry about what happened the day before.
I didn’t want to harm her because of Django, but I knew I had to risk it by letting Christian know where Joanne is. I went back.
This time I rang the bell.
She answered the door smiling, but her disdain for me was clearly visible. It pains her to look at me.
“I’m not letting you in Amelia.”
“I don’t want you to. I’ve come to talk.”
“About what?”
“Christian… and Django’s father.”
I wanted to test her.
“Christian is Django’s father.”
She was lying through her teeth. I could tell.
“Whatever you say. I’m just thinking about Django’s safety that’s all.”
“Say what you want to say then leave bitch.”
“I just wanted to tell you that Christian knows you’re here.”
“That’s impossible.”
She didn’t even realise that she’s been caught out. She is truly schizo.
“I sent him your address anonymously. There’s no way he isn’t going to come for you, no matter how dangerous. If I was you… I’d run.”
I was waiting for her reaction. Fear, bravery, anything. I just wanted to know where she stood in all of this.
She looked like she’d seen a ghost.
Then came a curious wave of indifference.
“Then let him come.”
And she closed the door.
I stood outside for at least sixty seconds not knowing what to make of it.
But I felt a strange warmth knowing one thing…
I was telling the truth about Christian knowing her location. I emailed and texted it him before left out.
And he is going to come for her. Of that I am positive.

I waited in the SUV outside Joanne’s house from 2pm throughout the afternoon and evening. I saw her come and go, but no Christian.
I was so positive he was going to show that I argued with the driver. He wanted to go home but he stayed on the job with me.
Christian never showed.
I waited and waited. He never came.
I walked home. I didn’t feel at a total loss because I knew it was only a matter of time before Christian comes for Joanne.
I got home in the middle of the night. Arabella and Anthony were wide awake.
Not much change there then, save one thing…
Arabella says Christian was hovering in the vicinity of my apartment. She went for a walk and when she returned she saw him peeping in.
She says he noticed her and ran. Somehow, I doubt he ran. Then she went into the apartment and stayed by the window. Waiting for Christian.

To Be Continued via @TheBullitts