Trey Songz talks ‘Chapter V’, international inspiration + euro-dance | SoulCulture TV

With his appropriately titled fifth new album Chapter V en route this year, Virginia born R&B star Trey Songz sat down with SoulCulture TV in London for a chat about finding inspiration on his international travels, growth, and the limitations today’s euro-dance driven chart trends place on lyrical content when reaching the masses.

In between trips across Africa, Australia and Europe riding the success of his previous album, 2010’s Gold-selling Passion, Pain & Pleasure, Trey has been busy working on his new LP Chapter V.

“Seeing so many different places because of my music and being able to come back and take my time and live life and see places while I’m recording has been amazing,” he comments.

With no confirmed release date just yet, Songz confirms the project will feature collaborations with US rappers T.I., J. Cole and Big Sean; and with time still left for new songs and guest the singer he expresses admiration for his British counterparts Chipmunk, Estelle and Jessie J – “there’s some great artists here I’d love to work with.”

Thematically, don’t expect the album to stray from the Trey you already know; he’s using his fifth project to solidify his place in the game.

When asked whether he’d like to tackle any social issues outside of the tradition love and sexual themes of R&B he reflects, “What I’ve learned is that, even if it isn’t because of my music that I make a difference in people’s lives, or speak with my voice about social things that are going on in the world, it will be with my voice that I do – my actual hands and my actual being – versus it being a Trey Songz musical thing. It’ll be the person that I am.

“There’s a lot of issues that inspire me… but making music these days, especially with everything going so Euro and so Dance, it’s hard to conceptually grasp something that will be socially alarming as well as well-received by the masses.”

“[Chapter V] is just going to reflect growth, sustainability and at the same time show what it is that I’ve given to the game. Anything you already love me for – you’ll have that, that’ll be there. There will be records that make you feel like ‘Love Faces,’ ‘Say I’ or ‘Bottoms Up’ – but there will also be a new added element.”

Watch below.

Interviewed By: D.S Daniel
Filmed By: D.S Daniel x Fabian Thomas
Edited By: D.S Daniel

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