Kreayshawn: “If it was a gimmick it wouldn’t have gone this far” | SoulCulture.TV

“If it was a gimmick it wouldn’t have gone this far,” Kreayshawn insists. The Oakland, California hailing rapper first came to the attention of many this summer, quickly gaining several million views of her viral “Gucci, Gucci” video and landing her a deal with Columbia records. However, her White Girl Mob rap clique also drew controversy the 22 year old’s way with its eyebrow-raising name and an n-word using affiliate becoming the center of many blog discussions in addition to the scrutinising of her musical abilities.

On her recent visit to London, Kreayshawn sat down with SoulCulture.TV to discuss the pros and cons of ‘star power’ and the attention it brings.

“If anything it gives me more motivation to finish my album; to prove to everyone that this isn’t a gimmick,” she maintains. Distancing herself from the criticism she points out, “For every one hater there’s like a thousand people who are like, in love with me,” understandably preferring to focus on being a source of inspiration for her fans. “That’s really what I like to do; use my voice and my star power to make people feel better about themselves – or make people feel like they can do something they never thought was possible before.”

Seeing the impact of her actions magnify both positively and negatively in her new-found position in the public eye, situations such as the reported recent friction with Rick Ross‘ camp following critical off-the-cuff comments Kreayshawn made have taught her to pay more attention to her platform. “I never had a problem with him, it was just basically me goofing off with my friends and taking it too far,” she clarifies. “If I was nobody it wouldn’t even matter… It’s definitely taught me to watch what I’m saying at certain times, especially saying stuff that you don’t really mean.”

“When I came into the game I didn’t really know what to expect,” she admits, “and that’s the thing that sometimes gets me confused…”

Watch our interview below.

Filmed by Versetti x Andres Albert for SoulCulture.TV

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