Ghostpoet reflects on his Mercury Prize 2011 nomination | SoulCulture.TV

Speaking to SoulCulture TV shortly after the shortlist was announced for this year’s Barclaycard Mercury Music Prize, the Gilles Peterson-backed Coventry hailing storyteller known as Ghostpoet reflects on his journey so far, how he feels about being nominated for the Mercury Prize and why today’s genre-blending times are perfect timing for his music, plus his fondness for fellow Mercury nominated band Metronomy.

“After releasing the album, I never really thought further than that in terms of awards or anything like that. To be part of this, it’s crazy. It’s given me the motivation to keep working and work harder…” he says, “but I’m always going to make the music that I make. I guess musically I wanna develop and create more, but I don’t think the game-plan changes.”

“I’ve always just been myself; I’ve always wanted to make music for me personally first and foremost, and to make music that anyone can into,” he adds. “People are happier with the idea of listening to music that may not be in one particular genre – a combination of things, experimentation. In terms of my music, maybe the stuff that I make now if it came out fix, six, seven years ago maybe people wouldn’t get it.”

The winner for this year’s Mercury Prize gets announced tomorrow night (September 6) – stay tuned!

Ghostpoet’s debut album, Peanut Butter Blues and Melancholy Jam is out now through Brownswood Recordings.

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