B.o.B on Working With Giggs, Meeting Tinie Tempah & The UK Scene | SoulCulture TV

Currently making waves in America with his catchy top 10 hit, “Nothing On You”, Atlanta-based emcee B.o.B is also receiving his fair share of interest and attention here in the UK thanks to an unexpected collaboration [on “Don’t Go There – see video below] with UK rapper Giggs, who B.o.B refers to as “comparable to a Jeezy in the states; it’s real grimy”.

In his interview with SoulCulture this week, B.o.B explains his thoughts on the developing UK Hip Hop/Grime scene – and his plans to get involved in it:

“It seems like here [in the UK] people are very conscious about what’s going on in the music scene; even though it’s underground, it’s not really underground – it’s a lifestyle,” he says. “I feel like that’s what is healthy because it’s organic and it’s not trying to imitate anything – even though it has its influences from Southern music, it’s still organic. I can feel that excitement, I love it.

“I’ve been brainstorming about doing some type of project or event or something with the intent of bridging the gap between the UK and the States as far as that scene goes. I feel connected with it because even though I’m an alternative artist my roots are in the South so I can feel the organic energy from it. I feel like it will manifest, I’m just throwing the idea out there a lot to get the wheels moving.”

Giggs ft. B.o.B – “Don’t Go There” – out now on XL Recordings:

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