Alicia Keys – The Musical? R&B star eyes Broadway career

As if being a Grammy-Award winning singer-songwriter, mother, wife, director and humanitarian wasn’t enough, the R&B singer wants to add Broadway producer to that already impressive list. This month the singer releases her debut LP Songs In A Minor for the second time, to mark it’s 10-year anniversary.

As well as developing a potential musical, the singer also revealed that she’d love the chance to revisit her acting career. Alicia’s no stranger to the silver screen, having starred in movies such as Smokin’ Aces and The Secret Life Of Bees. In an interview with Kiss FM the “Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart” singer said:

“I want to get into theatre on Broadway, in regards to writing and producing. I want to write and produce film and continue to act. There is so much more that I have to say and so many powerful ways I want to do it. Everyone has to watch out; we’re moving into the business phase of life.”

Would you go and see an Alicia Keys penned musical?