Don Cheadle denies Miles Davis Broadway play, confirms ‘movie based on his life’ | Film News

There are already a few biopics floating around Hollywood — two on Steve Jobs (one starring Ashton Kutcher, another helmed by Aaron Sorkin), a Jimi Hendrix vehicle featuring Andre 3000, and one on porn star Linda Lovelace starring Amanda Seyfried, among others — and there have long been whispers about possible Miles Davis films going into production.

For months — years even — those whispers have grown louder and louder, as the grapevine has often tied veteran actor Don Cheadle to a few of those Davis-themed projects. Unfortunately for fans of Cheadle and the jazz icon, not all of those whispers are true.

Taking to Twitter to quash some rumours and confirm others, the actor said:

A play may be out of the question, but the 48-year-old will, however, be starring in a film based on the late, great jazz man’s life — but it’s not a biopic.

A seasoned actor with serious acting chops and an incredible range of skill sets, the Crash and Iron Man 2 star is well-respected for his dramatic outings but has also proven himself capable of comedic brilliance and adrenaline-fueled, action-star heroics over the years. Simply put: Cheadle would be an excellent choice for a character-driven role as demanding and high-profile as the titular protagonist of a Miles Davis film.

It appears moviegoers may just get to see Jimi Hendrix go head-to-head with Miles Davis.

We look forward to the sound clash.