Young Jeezy: “As long as I’m in the hearts of men, I ain’t got to sell no ringtones” [Video]

Gearing up to release probably the most important album project of his career, Young Jeezy sat down with Billboard’s The Juice to discuss everything TM103. During the sit down Jeezy stated that the third installment of his well received Thug Motivation album series is a combination of the first two LPs from the series Let’s Get It and The Inspiration and his critically acclaimed third long player The Recession.

“To be honest with you, I think that its all my albums mixed into one. From Thug Motivation 101 to the The Inspiration to The Recession. I think over the time I grew and evolved so it’s like I wanted to take a little bit of that TM: 101 with me, a little bit of that Inspiration with me, and a little of that Recession with me, to have that TM: 103 class. We’ve been through all these three steps, it’s everything one one page. Let’s see if you pass.”

The CTE capo was also very blunt about who he felt the album was for and not caring about whether he sold a ton of ringtones off the back of 103; “My mind hasn’t changed since the first day I stepped in the door. It’s always been the same,” he stated.

“My mind frame has been strong through out the bullshit and I stayed focused. My message is if I can do all that with the weight on the world on my soldiers then I know you can. That’s what being ambitious is about. That’s what being a hustler is about. The system didn’t work for us we made it work. The industry didn’t work, I didn’t give a fuck. That’s on them, they got to deal with it. But I know the people love me. The streets love me.”

“We got everyday people who live everyday lives and I make music for them. I’m not making that shit to be top ten, top 20. I don’t give a fuck. That’s on them [Def Jam], let them deal with that. As long as I’m in the hearts of men, I ain’t got to sell no ringtones. I’m cool,” Jeezy declared.

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