Young Chop disses Pusha T over ‘Exodus 23:1’ | Music News

As if there weren’t enough potential participants in this Pusha TLil’ Wayne war that currently seems to be waging, producer Young Chop gave his (expletive) two cents on the G.O.O.D. Music rapper’s recent song, “Exodus 23:1.” Taking offence to the line, “You can keep your beats, n***a / We’d much rather share your bitch, n***a, bitch n***a”, (which we can assume refers to his outrage at Kanye‘s “I Don’t Like” revamp), Chop took to Twitter to share his pleasantries.

Tifts between rappers have usually been entertaining for fans. Heck, it even spawns some pretty good music some of the time (see: “Ether“), but considering that Wayne and Pusha and Chop and G.O.O.D. Music had already resolved their differences, this “beef” is sounding pretty ridiculous. Nevertheless, stay tuned to see how the situation unfolds.