X/COKE (MeLo-X + Cheri Coke) – ‘The Interlude’ | New Music

SoulCulture favourites MeLo-X and Cheri Coke, aka X/COKE, return with the latest taste of their forthcoming self-titled EP. After arousing the senses with the tantric “The Garden of Eden“, here we have “The Interlude”; a cut that would normally serve as a brief interval in a tracklist, but is instead passionately elongated to an extended affair.

Vocally teasing and dancing around the ethereal soundscape, Cheri (formerly known as the Bad Boy signee Cheri Dennis) leaves us yearning for more. The X/COKE EP is expected to drop this month, and you can learn more about the collaboration after the jump.

Listen: X/COKE (MeLo-X + Cheri Coke) – ‘The Interlude’


Watch: X/COKE: “A New Plateau”

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