Wyclef Jean Talks Politics, Haiti, Presidency Bid & Sean Penn with BillBoard (Video)

Musician/philanthropist Wyclef Jean sat down with Billboard for a live Q&A session. Speaking to Billboard’s editorial director Bill Werde and answering twitter questions, the rapper spoke about his bid for Haitian presidency, his beef with Sean Penn, he gave his opinion on Kanye West and George Bush, and about rappers being politically outspoken, Justin Beiber, and he performed his unreleased track, “Earthquake”.

2010 has been an extraordinary year for Wyclef Jean. Always proud of his Haitian roots, he was in the forefront of helping to raise money to rebuild the nation after the January earthquake devastated it. In August, he ran a brief, controversial campaign for president of Haiti before moving music back to the front-burner and working on a new EP about his bid, “If I Were President: My Haitian Experience.” With his new record due Dec. 7 and a new politically-themed song, “Election Time,” out, it was the perfect time for a Live Q&A with Wyclef.

Watch the candid Q&A below:

Q&A Part 1: Wyclef Jean discusses his bid for Haitian presidency, his feud with Sean Penn

Q&A Part 2: Wyclef Jean talks new album, “If I Were President: My Haitian Experience.”

Q&A Part 3: Wyclef Jean discusses the potential of a Fugees reunion, Justin Bieber’s role in his world

Q&A Part 4: Wyclef Jean talks Kanye & Bush beef, politically active celebs, his “Election Time” video

Q&A Part 5: Wyclef Jean discusses his song “Earthquake,” starts his live performance

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