Wyclef Jean talks Lauryn Hill, Kanye West, goats in t-shirts + much more [Video]

Like they always tend to do during their sitdowns, the inquisitive folks at Canada’s Montreality got all up in Wyclef‘s business recently, talking to the decorated musician, producer, MC and philanthropist about everything from the obscure (the type of student he was, teenage jobs, superheroes) to the interesting (the last time he spoke with Lauryn Hill, why he’d like to collaborate with Kanye West) to the outright odd (past lives, buying a goat and taking it to the ‘hood), putting it all together for a chat that’s uniquely informative.

Check out the tell-all below, and feel free to use the minute-by-minute “table of contents” to jump right to the part you want to see. (Those Montreality kids are so thoughtful, aren’t they?)

Table of Contents
– His story (0:14)
– The type of student he was at school (1:37)
– Jobs he’s had as a teenager growing up (2:50)
– What he spent his 1st big paycheck on (3:39)
– What he thinks he were in a previous lifetime (3:53)
– His passion for literature & his favorite book (4:07)
– His upcoming 1st book called ‘Purpose’ (4:48)
– His other talents (5:19)
– His biggest fear (5:43)
– A memorable FUGEES tour story (6:05)
– The last time he spoke to LAURYN HILL (7:04)
– His last meal of choice (7:17)
– His favorite superhero (7:31)
– Upcoming movie deals (7:56)
– Artists he’d like to collaborate with (8:09)
– His legacy, what he hopes to leave behind (8:26)