Wyclef Jean – “Mid Life Crisis” | New Music

wyclef april showers

Wyclef Jean is on the promotion trail for his upcoming April Showers album and the latest single to hit the net is “Mid Life Crisis.”

Wyclef’s earlier release “Hip Hop” was notable due to its mature assessment of the current state of rap music and hopefully signaled the direction the Haitian musician would be headed with his new work. Whilst that track was a slow stripped-down number, “Mid Life Crisis” is its opposite. The new single is more high energy with a chanting vocal loop, repeating synths and a double-time drum pattern.

Wyclef has proved in the past that he’s able to fuse a number of cultures and sounds and make it work on a record, with The Carnival, but that was 1997. Let’s see if he’s still got the touch.

Press play below.