Wiz Khalifa tells The Guardian: “I love weed, it’s just my thing – it’s a part of my life process”

During a short stay in Austin, Texas for SXSW Festival, respected music journalist Hattie Collins caught up with man of the moment Young Wiz Khalifa, for The Guardian. During their sit down, the always open Hip Hop star was once again frank about issues regarding his love of weed, how he picked himself up after his first deal with Warner Music US went south, (his record label) Atlantic Records’ wiliness for him to work with Pop music producers and much more.

Regarding his relationship with marijuana the OG Kush loving emcee states: “I love weed… It’s just my thing. It’s a part of my life process, and it’s definitely a part of my studio process. When I listen to beats, I gotta be smoking and I gotta be high.”

Discussing how he was able to pick himself up after his first deal with Warner Music US went sour, Wiz states: “I became more self-sufficient after the situation with Warner… I got the experience and I got the know-how to be able to run my business and do it the right way and really be proud of it and happy with it. When I was working my hardest and I wasn’t getting the love, that’s when I really built up my biggest buzz in my career. I didn’t get frustrated, I got motivated.”

Regarding Atlantic Records’ wanting him to work with pop producers: “If Atlantic want to put me in the studio with the No 1 pop guys, I’m not gonna be like: I know everything and you can’t tell me nothing”

The Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania hailing emcee will be visiting our British shores next week. Click here to purchase tickets for his gig at the HMV Forum, London on Wednesday 18t May,

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