Will Brennan – Prodigal Son [EP] | Stream/Download

Prodigal Son bangs like a theatrical parable in rap form. Perhaps that’s just what Will Brennan intended with this project. Featuring 11 well-produced, cohesive songs, take a listen as the Florida rapper flows effortlessly over beats with a tailored precision.

Originally from Mangonia Park, north of West Palm Beach in South Florida, the young prodigy started rapping at 12 during cafeteria-lunch table sessions. Never comfortable with staying in one style for too long, he constantly pushed the boundaries of his writing skills, experimenting with word flow.

Now in 2012, he is still pushing the limits of his creativity. Changing the rules of rap one song at a time, he encourages other rappers to move away from their comfort zone and experiment with new styles. In short, it is his versatility that sets him apart, making him rather extraordinary in comparison to other rappers.

Presented by DJ Burn One and Wayward Minds, Prodigal Son showcases Brennan’s talents with such clarity that success seems destined to be. Take a listen below, and download for free.

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