Wiley leaks new album ‘The Ascent’ | Music News


“If iTunes don’t do what I say I am leaking the album at 7 and I’m not joking,” tweeted grime’s godfather Wiley today before he leaked his new album The Ascent early, for free!

Due out April 1st, Wiley took to Twitter today to vent his frustrations with the digital music empire that is iTunes. Also tweeting, “I made a mistake on the album I need to make a change if iTunes cannot change the mistake I will leak it………….today…,” it looks as if the disagreement between the two parties spans from a tracklist edit that needed to be made but wasn’t [given that the leaked version is missing a track that was listed as being on the iTunes pre-order version].

While the link to the leak is no longer ‘available’, it appears as if it is now being reposted by those who were quick enough to nab it before somebody decided to kill the link. Tweeting, “I hate being a idiot but sometimes people only listen when you are being a idiot,” Wiley has now posted the pre-order link to the album.

If you weren’t quick enough to grab Wiley’s leak of The Ascent, or you want to support the grime champ regardless, you can pre-order the album here.