Wiley – “Cheer Up, It’s Christmas” | New Music

Of all the music artists in the world, I would have least expected legendary Grime pioneer Wiley to drop a Christmas themed track, but I’m not complaining.

Speaking to The Guardian about the SoundCloud released cut, which is said to be lifted from Wiley’s forthcoming LP Evolve Or Be Extinct, the East London proud vet stated…

I wanted a choir to sing it but we tried a few out and then time was running out so basically, I put the spitting chorus that I had originally … Really it would have worked for me if I’d had the choir because what I was trying to get across was that in that tune Christmas is a good time of year. But, and this isn’t just in the black community – I suppose it’s any poverty-driven community – we can either love [Christmas] and accept what’s going on, or we envy our friends at school and we wish we had everything. That song is basically my uncle or someone trying to cheer me up at Christmas time, when I might be moping about because I didn’t get my own way. But really since I’ve been doing music and started earning money, everyday has been like Christmas, so that’s why I’m addressing that situation to try and let them know to just cheer up. It’s not just an out and out “Christmas we love you, Santa bring us some stockings” song.

Listen… Wiley – “Cheer Up, It’s Christmas”

Click here to read the rest of Wiley’s interview The Guardian.

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