Watch The Duck – “Poppin’ Off” | Music Video


Last week they smashed their live set at Birthdays in East London, and today we’ve got the Atlanta body-popping boys’ brand new video for you all to see. With a unique synthesis of trap and dubstep, otherwise known as trapstep, Watch The Duck are making waves like a stormy sea, and everyone’s perking up their ears for a listen.

The trio, formed of Eddie Smith III, Jesse Rankins and Jonathan Wells, are all DJs and producers and when their talents collide, we get one big mixing bowl of delicious duck sounds. Keep your eyes on the ducks as they body-pop their way through this high-octane video. An addictive chorus is shadowed by some gritty dubstep beats, and production that is certain to get your head boppin’, even at your desk. This is electronic music at its best, and with some mind-blowing air piano thrown in, we can’t stop watching.!