WATCH: Fat Freddy’s Drop Live in San Francisco | Full Concert Video

Fat Freddy’s Drop are awesome; I fell in love with the New Zealand reggae/dub/soul influenced band’s superbly crafted debut studio album, Based On A True Story (2005) several years ago.  Annoying conflicts of schedule meant I’ve still never physically seen them perform – yet their music is built to be experienced live. If you’ve heard any of their albums, you can just imagine how it would flow onstage; effortlessly.

So it’s with pleasure I share with you this cleanly captured full-length footage of the band performing an entire concert back in November 2009 at Amoeba Music, San Franciso. It’s 70 minutes long, so make a mental note to put this on when you’re comfy at home with your vice of choice.


1. The Raft
2. Ray Ray
3. Flashback
4. Roady
5. Midnight Marauders
6. Shiverman

And as a bonus, here’s an interview with them:

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