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Just under a year ago I came across Vonny Del Fresco on Tumblr with his cover of Childish Gambino‘s “Do Ya Like,” sampling Adele‘s “Melt My Heart To Stone.” His chilled flow and voice, that to me was similar [in a complimentary sort of way, as opposed to ripping him off] to that of Lupe Fiasco, instantly caught my ear urging me to keep an eye on this kid. I have done – and now it’s time to bring you in on the laid back sound of the Milwaukee, Wisconsin hailing 18 year old emcee known as VDF.

Clearly influenced by Lupe and the likes of Q-Tip and Kanye West, Vonny embodies that fresh sound of early 21st Century Hip Hop coupled with unique backdrops often provided by fellow upcoming producers, including Dee Phr3sh! who serves as his musical partner as part of the rap duo Those Euro Kids.

“My music is like if you take your favourite car, and make a mix cd of your favourite songs on the greatest day of your life, and just ride out,” he says of his sound. “That day would be an amazing day, and you’d feel great.”

As part of the new rap generation utilising Tumblr to create a buzz, he’s a normal kid with raw hunger, no label or management and with no sing along hook or chorus. He says his “music is based off of ambition, goals, and dreams that one day the world will hear him & collapse.”

Soon after dropping his debut mixtape Closed Sessions and continuing with the chilled and quite spaced out vibe in the lane he’s carving for himself as his signature, he’s even drawn on a more recent influence – paying homage to The Weeknd.

Concocting an interesting combination of samples, original beats and ambition, “The next plan for it all, me & my music is growth. More experimentation, and pushing more boundaries,” says Vonnie. “Just aiming for the best but the best wouldn’t even be enough.”

With the uniqueness and drive he’s already displaying at the age of 18, as this young buck grows and develops he may well become someone you can’t ignore. Remember we told ya.

DOWNLOAD: Vonny Del Fresco & Dee Phr3sh! – Closed Sessions [Mixtape]


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