Vince Staples – “Guns & Roses” (prod. Mac Miller aka Larry Fisherman) | New Music


Mac Miller‘s back at it again under his producing alias Larry Fisherman. Teaming up with LA’s own Vince Staples, the two unleash the thought provoking “Guns & Roses.”

Spitting various tales within one story focused on an array of unfortunate circumstances – child abandonment, drug abuse, and sexual abuse – listeners are taken on a tour and explained the harsh realities of living in the streets. The third verse hears Staples jump into first person mode and recall a life growing up as a young teen disclosing the survival tactics he used to rise up out of his dangerous surroundings. Concluding, “I like me better alive,” the track is without doubt one that will need a few extra spins to fully take in.

Taken from Vince Staples and Mac Miller’s upcoming collaborative mixtape, Stolen Youth, until it drops keep your mouse clicker on the play button below.