Vic Mensa f/ Rockie Fresh x Beldina – “Time Is Money” | New Music


When a rapper blows up, he’s always got a hometown musical tag along. Think Memphis Bleek, A$AP Ferg, King Chip, Bizarre or Slo’Down of the St. Lunatics. Some great, some ok and some pretty bad. Slo’Down is in his own lane of course.

Vic Mensa is kind of Chance the Rapper’s hometown tag along and he’s kind of great. However, that ‘tag along’ title won’t be around for too much longer if he keeps dropping tracks like todays “Time Is Money” as he’s quite comfortably moving on his own tangent to success.

“Time Is Money” sees Vic trade weighty bars with MMG signee Rockie Fresh while Swedish/Kenyan singer Beldina threads a trance-inducing chorus to tie up any loose ends.

Vic Mensa may have the succinct flow of his fellow SAVEMONEY crew comrade Chance, but by the sounds of it, he’s more than ready to tag out of Chance’s Acid Rap mountain like shadows.

Catch “Time Is Money” on Vic Mensa’s INNANETAPE mixtape that’s scheduled for later this year. Until then, hit play below.