Usher – “Sins Of My Father” (prod by Salaam Remi) | New Music

After hearing this track at his album preview event in London back in March, I’ve been fiending like Pookie to hear the full thing again. After looping the snippet for a few days, finally my hunger has been fed as the full version of my personal highlight from Usher’s seventh studio album Looking 4 Myself has arrived.

Collaborating with classic-crafting producer Salaam Remi, Mr Raymond delivers the impressive “Sins Of My Father”, with its reggae vibe meets Marvin Gaye or Curtis Mayfield sensibilities addressing family issues this is the sort of track we need to her more of from our artists.
“The inspiration of it is, why do we sometimes deal with things that we don’t understand? Our past can lead us down a road because we didn’t even know it,” he told SoulCulture, “The time spent with a father will teach you a certain understanding of live and how to cope and deal with things.”
The Chattanooga, Tennessee raised star adds, “The lack of a father being there can also teach you how to deal with life – and that’s what ‘Sins Of The Father’ is about… That statement was made because that’s something that I felt.”
“But I’m adding to the statistic that there are fathers out there who are there for there children, who are there to raise them, who understand that they have to take that time and really make sure that they make that connection.
“And understand that these kids are future adults – they’re not kids – so if you don’t give them the time and attention they need now, then they’ll be running around and somebody else will be knocking them upside the head or they’ll be incarcerated.” He adds, “That song in itself is kind of a testament to the father that I became.”

Press play below and enjoy!

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