Unreleased Nicki Minaj interview x freestyle [Video]

The fine folks at TrapTV have unearthed a vintage interview with a pre-Young Money, un-wigged, un-two-inch-eyelashed and still underground Nicki Minaj in which the up-and-coming MC explains the difference between a “juice box” and a “star box” (cover your kids’ ears for that part), shouts out Foxy Brown and Remy Ma and kicks a short freestyle. A rare look at Ms. Minaj before her Barbie days began — back when she used to beez in the trap for real.

This is the Nicki that nobody remembers and that most of her fans, particularly those from the pop realm, have never even seen. This is that straight off the block, kickin’ it in a grimy pool hall (or club, or whatever-the-fuck) with a bunch of ratchet bitches yappin’ in the background Nicki. This is the Nicki you’ll probably never see again.

Check it out.


[Props: UHTN]