UK vs Ace Hood’s “Hustle Hard”: The Freestyle Videos

If somebody asked me what I’d like to see and hear from the UK’s finest MCs and rappers at this crucial turning point in the scene’s development, my answer would definitely not be as follows: “fuck a decent/credible album, I want more freestyles over Lex Luger beats with accompanying low-budget ‘net’ vids. U-S-A baby!”.

It’s not that these various remixes aren’t up-to-scratch – they all range from at least average to pretty good (and in Chipmunk‘s case, outstanding). It’s more that it’s getting a little boring hearing these dexterous spitters channelling Rick Ross unconvincingly over the latest American hood smash.

With that said, there’s no sign of the remixes and freestyles drying up any time soon, so we might as well embrace it. Check out a collection of the latest, from Tinchy Stryder & Slix, Marvell (who, to their credit, do alot on their version), R&B singer Abel Miller, Afrikan Boy and Flyboy E. And I’ll throw Chipmunk’s video at the end because I’m nice like that (and to show any other MCs who might get ideas how it should be done).

Tinchy Stryder & Slix


Abel Miller

Afrikan Boy

Flyboy E