Tyrese talks anger management, x-rated fans, his new book + more [Video]

Over a decade after embarking on his music career, R&B crooner and actor Tyrese Gibson proves that he still has it by performing some of his classics and sitting down for an interview for AOL Sessions in Los Angeles.

The singer, who released a self-help book titled How to Get Out of Your Own Way in May, also discussed his latest ventures and several other topics.

Opening up about his personal life, Gibson speaks about his decision to take up anger management treatment. The Grammy-nominated star goes on to discuss his latest album Open Invitation and how his book changed his overall approach to making music.

Swaying things to a lighter note, the singer also lets us in on a “premeditated sexual encounter” that he’s experienced with a fan:

You have a track on Open Invitation called “Walk (A Poem For My Fans).” What has been the most surreal fan experience that you’ve had?

I’m going to be honest and say that women are very aggressive, and I think most male figures that have female fans that certain women say is sexy, attractive or whatever, we deal with a different type of attention from women. Without sounding self-consumed, I will say that one of the most interesting conversations I’ve ever had with a woman was after we finished rubbing bodies, she said to me, “I already knew what I was going to do to you before I even got here. This was well thought-out. I’ve been with my man for five years, we just broke up, and I used to practice on him before I got to you.” I called that pre-meditated sexual healing.

Watch as Tyrese answers a few questions in detail in the clip taken from his interview, as well as his live performance of his 1999 classic “Sweet Lady.”


Tyrese – “Sweet Lady”

Tyrese’s Open Invitation is still available to purchase via iTunes UK / iTunes US.