Tyler, The Creator speaks on working with Pharrell, dealing with his grandmother’s death +more [Video]

tyler the creator and elliott wilson
Leading on from the first two episodes of his CRWN live interview with Tyler, The Creator, veteran journalist Elliott Wilson drops the final two instalments of the pair’s discussion, delving even deeper into the mind of one of the most unique artists in the industry right now.

Despite his playful persona and his penchant for pranks and practical jokes, Tyler shows us his more serious side this time around and isn’t afraid of opening up – especially when it comes to discussing the way he idolises Pharrell Williams and how he coped with the death of his grandmother.

Speaking about the first time he met Pharrell, the Odd Future frontman said: “Meeting Pharrell was crazy because I’ve been a die hard, almost weird, f-ckin’ obsessive stand since I was like 11. Seeing this dude who I would always just watch on TV, in every magazine could possibly get and I know every lyric… I walk in and it was just like ‘He’s real’… I don’t give a f-ck, I’m in there fanning out.”

Tyler then went on to admit that working with the N*E*R*D star on his track “IFHY” was the best moments of his life. “I’ve been wanting that since I was 11… not many people can say they were vocal producing Pharrell, that was f-ckin’ tight.”

One of the more touching parts of the interview came when the 22-year-old artist explained how his grandmother passed away and how he wasn’t able to mourn for her in the same way as the rest of his family – something which left him feeling extremely confused.

“I like the colour yellow and I like pink and baby blue and there’s too much black and grey in there and I can’t deal with it,” he said. “I’d never had a death in my life, I didn’t know what the f-ck to do. This is weird, everyone’s crying, I’m not crying, I don’t know what the f-ck is going on. I’m not feeling any emotion. I’m just at a blank and it was weird.”

“To this day it never hit me and the fact that a woman that I loved or that raised me died and I never cried and my emotions were at a blank, still to this day, made me look at myself like ‘What the f-ck is wrong with me?'”

He also spoke about the concepts behind some of the track on his current Wolf album, his respect for Kanye West and Earl Sweatshirt’s mother seeing him as a bad influence.

This is definitely an insightful and refreshing interview, which explores never-seen-before aspects of Tyler’s background, his personality and his inspirations. A must for any Odd Future fan.

Elliott will be continuing with his CRWN live interview series with Roc Nation rapper, J. Cole, later this month.

Watch Episode 3 and 4 of the Tyler interview below.