Trina Braxton – “Party or Go Home” | New Music

Trina Braxton unleashes her debut single “Party or Go Home” on the world. In an attempt to distinguish herself from her siblings (check out Braxton Family Values if you’re unfamiliar with them), Trina goes into her party girl persona by delivering catchy lyrics with an infectious hook over this retro-esque, Euro R&B track.

The expectation has always been that Trina Braxton would have gone down the R&B route similar to her sister Toni Braxton, however with Euro Pop/R&B deeply enveloped by clubs and radio/TV stations, “Party or Go Home” encompasses heavy commercial elements which could be deemed as having a greater chance of appealling to a wider market.

Trina Braxton – singer, dancer and reality TV personality – is definitely ready to step up and show out!