Trey Songz – ‘So Sophisticated (TriggaMix)’ | New Music

Trey Songz may have a brand new album out, but that’s not stopping him from jacking beats and applying his own bars to them. For his latest TriggaMix, Mr. Steal Yo Girl takes on Beat Bully‘s “So Sophisticated” track from Rick Ross‘s God Forgives, I Don’t.

Generally speaking, I got no problem with R&B cats exercising MC fantasies in their spare time. I’m cool with that. But, as a Hip-Hop guy, what’s so depressing about hearing great singers kick mediocre rhymes is that piss poor similes like “I’m goin’ hammer like some toes is” and “these bitches sour like the Patch Kids” are perfectly on par with 90% of the so-called MCing that goes on in today’s game, and that attempts at cleverness like “shoot for the stars, maybe I’ll fuck a lady astronaut” are actually more clever than a lot of this bunk we’re subjected to on the daily. It’s crazy that, if they decided to, some of these singin’ dudes could be successful rappers in today’s climate — and, as bad as some of ’em are, they’d be better than some guys who do this for a living. That sucks.

To MC requires skills, I demand some shown. Word to Black Thought.

Anyway, if Trey were an actual MC, I’d probably give him the business. But since he’s only moonlighting, I’ll give him props for at least having a nice flow to his shit. I know that he won’t be quitting his day job to rap full time, and I find comfort in that.

Check out Trigga’s spit game below. Hear him doing what he does best by copping that Chapter V on iTunes.

Trey Songz – “So Sophisticated (TriggaMix)”