Trey Songz – ‘Dive In’ | New Music

If recent singles like “Sex Ain’t Better Than Love” and “Heart Attack” had you thinking that Trey Songz completely abandoned the audio sexmongering on which he built his name in favor of heartfelt love songs, his new joint will completely change your mind. On “Dive In,” Trigga is back to his old ways, using his cunning lingual skills to get you in the mood to do some ol’ freaky shit.

Yup, the latest leak from Chapter V is obviously intended to be the soundtrack to somebody’s impending pregnancy, as Mr. Neverson tells his girl — or your girl, since he is into stealing them — how much he wants to dive face-first into the wetness below. I’d get a little more descriptive, but this is a family site.

In short: this one’s an instant panty-dropper.

Chapter V drops August 21. Preorder on iTunes.

Listen: Trey Songz – “Dive In”

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