#TUESDAY TOP 5: VIDEOS – Giggs, Young Money, Jason Lewis, MJ + Janet Jackson

My top 5 videos of the month include an ode to hair weave, an unexpected gem to a serious guilty pleasure and some Jacksons love.

Giggs – Slow Songs

I never thought “I like” and “Giggs” would ever reside in the same sentence without a negative linking it together, but I REALLY like! While not overwhelmed by the song itself, I like the lyrics and I’m glad Giggs has shown that he can be thought-provoking and articulate. Plus it’s nice to hear The Streets sounding like The Streets again. Most important is the video; I love it, if I’d heard the song prior to seeing the video I doubt it would have had much of an impact on me. Gritty and cinematic, it compliments the tune perfectly.

Young Money – Every Girl

Young Money – Every Girl [Official Music Video]

“Filet mignon that p*ssy”. I know I shouldn’t like this song, let alone love it. I know. But I LOVE it, it’s my guilty pleasure this month. I even prefer this video to Drake’s much anticipated Best I Ever Had video. Even though after their epic fail of a BET Awards performance saw them bringing on 10-year-olds as their backing dancers during this tune, I’m desperately hoping by “every girl” they mean “every girl over eighteen”.

Jason Lewis – Too Many Weave

Perhaps I find this so funny because I’ve got dreads?

Michael Jackson – Pepsi Commercial

No – not that one; one that doesn’t end in tragedy. Following his passing last month, people have been scouring the internet for music videos and music channels have been rolling out MJ archives repeatedly and I’ve seen videos to tunes I’d forgotten even existed or never seen before. However, even though this isn’t quite a music video, it’s been one of my favourite pieces of Michael footage this month.

Janet Jackson featuring Blackstreet – I Get So Lonely (Remix)

While talking Jacksons; I found myself digging through some old unmarked CDs recently and came across this tune. As a result, I nearly wore a hole through my CD from reloading it so many times. Upon hearing my favourite JJ tune ever, (yes, over That’s The Way Love Goes, What Have You Done For Me Lately and Control)  I was assaulted with memories of practicing the dance in the video which I’d taped off of The Box in my living room while wearing a fedora hat and a school shirt…yeah, I was one of those kids.


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