Tilla makes a meditative debut with “Know Yourself”


In an age where many are struggling with the consequences of chasing their dreams without a solid sense of self, North London hailing singer Tilla has crafted a timely call to spiritual arms with his debut solo song, “Know Yourself.”

Produced by his fellow Space Age cohorts Loner Muaka and Josh Arcé, with additional vocals by Little Simz, the meditative track smoothly suggests we all take a deeper look within when we’re ready to pay attention to the value of true self-care and community.

Accompanying Tilla’s gentle, understated vocals is an equally thoughtful and ethereal video, which you can watch above; “bringing light on the journey of exploring sense-of-self,” with intricate 3D-scanned imagery abstractly exploring “complacency, evolution and destruction” and “the vulnerability within us living in a world that doesn’t sleep.”

“We get so caught up in everything around us, we become numb to sense of self,” reflects the 17-year old sensitive soul, wise beyond his years. “I wrote this song as a personal reminder about unity, progression and self-love, in hope that someone would listen, connect and think, ‘I really needed to hear that’.”

“This day, you’ll wake up from your sleep
This day, you’ll wake up from your dreams
If you ever decide you want to fight for yourself
Don’t feel obliged to dismiss your health
If you wanna survive, minds are alike, connect yourself
There’s more than you know, more than I know
We are one, we are one.”

Download/Buy “Know Yourself” via Bandcamp.
• Also available to stream on SoundCloud