Thursday Throwback: The LOX “Ryde Or Die, Chick”

This week’s Thursday Throwback is actually inspired by Eve’s VH1 Behind The Music, which i watched earlier this week. When the program covered the early part of her career I felt myself being thrust back into my pre-pubescent self, when I was an odd amalgamation of a tom-boy who wanted to be a rapper, and a hippy (fashion-wise,  these were very trying times). Beyond finding the “Pitbull In A Skirt” quite an inspiration, I was a BIG fan of Ruff Ryders collective and I used to wear a bandana which bore the Ruff Ryders emblem all over it (perhaps I shouldn’t have admitted that?)

Anyway, I loved this tune, even though, at 12, I wasn’t sure whether a Ryde or Die bitch chick was a good thing or not. Lifted from The LOX‘s second album We Are The Streets, with Timbaland on the knobs, it still bangs hard. Listen to this, then find Ryde Or Die Vol I and II on your Spotify/iTunes/random music streaming device.