THEESatisfaction – ‘QueenS’ (The Internet Remix) | New Music

Although a little frustrating for writers, not being able to put ones finger on the musical genre type of up and coming artists is rarely ever a bad thing. These days material produced by many new artists seamlessly glide through a colourful kaleidoscope of sounds infused by influences that span a wide range of music and other forms of creative art. University of Washington developed duo THEESatisfaction are a prime example of this, having previously released music that draws from Jazz, Soul, Hip Hop, Spoken Word, Afro Rock to name but a few.

For their lastest release Stasia Irons and Catherine Harris-White have linked up with close affiliate Syd The Kyd‘s The Internet, for an official reinterpretation of “QueenS” off their recently released body of work Awe Natural3. The original bass heavy track, uptempo Soul favoured track now comes with an impressive dance-tinged soundbed adding to their already rich and diverse back catalogue. Check out the track below…

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