The Weeknd – “John Carpenter” [Snippet] | New Music


Since the release of the Trilogy collection, The Weeknd has been laying low and working on his upcoming official debut album Kiss Land, and although he’s been shady on any other details on the project, today the singer previewed a snippet of new song “John Carpenter” via his YouTube account.

The clip stands at just 21 seconds long – not enough time to get a really good idea of the track – and we hear him repeat the lyrics “This aint nothing to relate to… you try you try” while the visuals in the background show a shadowed image of Abel in the studio in a grainy, VHS style video.

John Carpenter was a film director throughout the 70s and 80s and given that he mainly directed horror films, can we expect an even more dark, solemn and eerie direction on the new album? We can only wait and see. But for now, check out the teaser below.