The Weeknd discusses relationship with Drake, Kiss Land and more in his first interview

the weeknd complex cover

The Weeknd has long been somewhat of an enigma, not doing press and his music only reaching his fans via his mysterious sporadic Twitter posts and youtube uploads. But with a debut album about to drop at the end of Summer it seems the Canadian artist is ready to let his fans in as he does his first full interview with Complex magazine as well as a bright photoshoot including the cover.

The Weeknd begins by explaining how he came to be the most mysterious man in music (it was a combination of people’s assumptions and his own insecurities) and cites the likes of Prince and Michael Jackson as inspirations for overcoming his awkwardness in interviews.

Abel also opens up about his work process where he tells us that many songs, including the 8-minute long “Gone,” are done all as a straight freestyle in the booth, and how many songs meant for House Of Balloons ended up on Drake‘s Take Care instead.

“‘Crew Love,’ ‘Shot For Me’ and ‘The Ride’ were supposed to be on House of Balloons. I wanted to come out with like 14 records. I felt like ‘The Ride’ was the last one, and it wasn’t done yet. [Drake] heard it and he was like, ‘This shit’s crazy.'”

Speaking of Drake, The Weeknd also addressed rumours that the two had fallen out, dismissing it completely; “No, that’s not true. Definitely not true. But it makes sense. The thing about Drake is I told him what my decisions were going to be. And he was down with it from the beginning.”

With a couple of songs now released from the upcoming album Kiss Land, people who previously thought the album would be more light-hearted and happy given the title, now have more confirmation that it will still be dark and moody as ever.

“I didn’t want to call it Dark World or something so generic,” he explains. “The title came from a conversation that I overheard and those words stuck out. Someone said, ‘Kiss Land’ and I thought, ‘That’s going to be the title of my album. It sounds so ridiculous. When I put [the title] out everyone was like, “What the hell? This is going to be corny. It’s going to be all lovey-dovey.”

To read more of the interview head over to or check out the shoot pics and behind-the-scenes video below.

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