‘The Truth’ with Elliott Wilson – Are veteran MCs trying too hard? [Video]

It’s well worth checking out this new Youtube video series on Jay Z’s Life & Times channel, where the regular hip hop commentator Elliott Wilson (a harsh critic in his ‘You Played Yourself’ sideline on Rap Radar) discusses important topics and trends in rap.

This, the premiere, sees Elliott address the issue of veteran MCs, namely LL Cool J, Fat Joe and Eve, trying too hard to connect with younger audiences by tapping into the new rap lingo, or what they think is the new rap lingo. The blogger deconstructs what’s going on with Cool J’s “Ratchet”, Joe’s “Instagram That Hoe” and Eve’s “She Bad Bad”, and explains why none of the three songs contribute positively to these artists’ catalogues.

As usual, Elliott provides respectful, well-informed criticism. Check out what he has to say below:


Here’s the message, older MCs: “You got a lot of wisdom, you have a lot of insight. Just deliver, just stay true to who you are. Don’t fall for the trends. The trends come and go, you’ve seen it. That’s why you guys have survived in this business.”

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