The making of Bobby Womack’s ‘The Bravest Man in the Universe’ [Video]

After drug addiction derailed his career for more than a decade, legendary singer, songwriter and musician Bobby Womack is clean, sober and making a comeback. The Bravest Man in the Universe will be Womack’s first release since 2000’s Christmas Album, and the 50-plus year recording veteran has released a mini-documentary on just how the project came together.

Co-produced by XL Records chief Richard Russell and the Gorillaz‘ Damon Albarn, The Bravest Man in the Universe marks the 68-year-old singer’s return to the clean life, and acts as validation that the worst is behind him. This album isn’t about eclipsing some sales record or making a quick buck, it’s about Womack returning to what he loves most.

“It’s not about 14 Rolls Royces and two Bentleys,” he told Rolling Stone. “Even if this album never sells a nickel, I know I put my best foot forward.”

[Props: Abeano]

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