The Kickdrums – “Traces” | New Music

Here comes yet another great number from the band known as The Kickdrums. If the name sounds familiar, you’ll probably remember their rather dope The Ghosts mixtape that we put you on a few months back, which was shortly followed up by the Meet Your Ghost album.

Well, now they have managed to do what they do best, taking elements of Hip Hop and Indie Rock and Roll, mashing them together and coming out with some banging results. I’m really loving this number “Traces” right now, which was let loose on the Soundcloud page of Alex of the group.

There is no indication if this part of an upcoming project or anything, although we know form their Twitter that they have a set dropping soon!

You can check the the stream below, and if this is your first introduction to the Kickdrums, check out some of their older stuff too.