The Internet – “Give It Time” | New Music

Back in July while in the City Of Angels, we got a chance to chill with Syd The Kid and Matt Martians aka OFWGKTA’s The Internet while they were cooking up some newness with the homie Jesse Boykins III and we got to hear some of the new material they were preparing to share with the world.
To say I was blown away by the growth and musicality they were about to lay on the table would be an understatement, don’t get it twisted Purple Naked Ladies was great, but the new material drips an abundance of real soul.

Exhibit A: “Give It Time” the brand new cut from the duo’s forthcoming Feel Good EP which is set to be released in December. everything about this is working for me right now, just press play on this and let the music take you on a journey (I’m currently on my 7th listen…make that 8th).