The Internet – ‘Feel Good’ | Album Stream

After releasing one of the most underrated project of 2011 in the form of Purple Naked Ladies, The Internet return today with their sophomore album Feel Good and you know what, its exactly that.

The Internet understandably fall easily into the shadow of their founding conglomerate Odd Future as any act would, I mean its hard to be heard for the charming funk music you make when your chief is eating cockroaches. However, The Internet have steadily gained momentum and this energy is strengthened by the upcoming release of Feel Good, a 13 track expedition from Syd tha Kyd and Matt Martian into soulful experimentation joined by such company as Tay Walker, Mac Miller and Jesse Boykins III.

The lofty project officially drops September 24th but over here at Soul Culture, we’re feeling pretty good today, so how about you hit play below for an generous early stream of the full album. After that make sure you head over to iTunes for the pre-order. Enjoy.

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