The Floacist – “Try Something New (I Do)” | New Music

I’ll be honest – a few years ago when Natalie ‘The Floacist‘ Stewart (then newly separated from her former creative partner Marsha Ambrosius) described herself on her MySpace as “The creative force behind Floetry,” I laughed. But upon hearing her solo efforts, I quickly shut my mouth. The Floacist’s latest single, “Try Something New (I Do)” is no exception to my being humbled. 

This song contains some nice touches, including some really articulate chords at the beginning and end of the piece, as well as passion in the form of electric guitars – which emphasise the point of wanting to “Try Something New” – and choir vocals vamping their impassioned plea toward the song’s closing. Take a listen below.

If you enjoy this single be sure to check out The Floacist’s new album Rise Of The Phoenix Mermaid, which was released this week and draws from Hip-Hop, sultry Neo-Soul and the occasional tinge of Jazz as inspirations to accompany the positive and very human messages contained in each song – available to purchase via iTunes.