Thaimatic – Let Me Land | Mixtape Download

It’s often the case that promotion does more for an artist than their actual music. Numerous public appearances, interviews and spamming social networks may do enough for an artist who, if their music had to fend for itself, probably wouldn’t get very far.

That’s why its always refreshing whenever encountering an artist like Thaimatic, an emcee who has slowly built up his reputation by simply delivering music rather than the hype often accompanies it. His third mixtape, Let Me Land, hopes to encourage more listeners to move a little left of field from the generic material currently circulating.

The “Time’s Up” cinematic score is ideal for his soft, introspective verses whilst it’s all change on “1 4 The Money” which provides a more upbeat, confident delivery. “Kick Rocks” is a cool acoustic medley perfect for Thai’s lost love raps and “Must Be Smoking” is another chilled out track that allows his lyrics to shine.

Thaimatic has a way with words but, content wise, he would shine more if sticking to the more reflective tracks than the braggish-overconfident songs which appear often on Let Me In. However, the North London emcee’s bravado and charm offers some memorable moments for his followers.

Overall, a fair effort and worth a listen. Check it out:

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