Taylor Swift f/ Ed Sheeran – “Everything Has Changed” | New Music

Maybe I don’t typically stick on a Taylor Swift album after a long day, but my interest was piqued by her anticipated collaboration with the UK’s Ivor Novello and BRIT Award winning star singer-songwriter, Ed Sheeran.

Sheeran’s still making global waves with his top charting, multi-platinum selling debut released last year, titled +; which Swift can be seen peering over coquettishly in the photo of the pair above. Calling on her “absolute favourite” British artist to collaborate on a number of tracks, the country starlet’s upcoming fourth album, Red, drops on Monday (Oct. 22) via Big Machine.

An easy listening, acoustic leaning number with softly blending harmonies and subtle country-folk leanings, Swift describes their duet “Everything Has Changed” as being about about, “meeting someone and all of a sudden your entire perspective on the world changes – you’re thinking for two, instead of one.”

Recently commenting on their recording sessions together Sheeran told MTV, “When we got together and wrote [it] was the second time I’ve ever gotten with another singer/songwriter and written a song with them,” noting, “it wasn’t actually too hard of an adjustment – we’re very much alike musically and it worked out well, I think.”

Agree? Take a listen below.

Listen: Taylor Swift f/ Ed Sheeran – “Everything Has Changed”