T.I. – Countdown To Trouble Man: Heavy Is The Head Episode 2: “The Trap’s Back Jumpin” [Video]

T.I. continues the countdown to his upcoming album Trouble Man: Heavy Is The Head, with the second episode of his five short videos documenting the EP’s creation.

In Episode 2 we hear the ATL rapper explain the reason behind him choosing to add ‘Heavy Is The Head’ to the album’s title and revealing that it is in fact a nod to his status as ‘King of the South’.

T.I. says: “One of the truest sayings that I’ve ever heard is ‘heavy is the head of he who wears the crown’. Considering the fact that I’m wearing the crown, I can expect my head to be heavy.”

He also reveals that he managed to meticulously cut down 127 recorded songs to just 16 tracks, which made their way on to the final project. However, when probed about which song is his favourite, he diplomatically replies: “I am like the father to all of these songs and no proper parent chooses a favourite child.”

Check out Episode 2 of the countdown below, which features snippets from his Andre 3000 and Cee-Lo Green features. Trouble Man: Heavy Is The Head will be released on 18 December.