Szjerdene – “Linger Well” | New Music

Szjerdene - Linger Well

Offering up new track “Linger Well” for free download, svelte, soulful UK songstress Szjerdene applies reproachful lyrics and enchanting vocals to London producer Throwing Snow‘s “Lingerwell” instrumental for a crackling, retro electronic affair which bounces between gently melodic grooves, pacing beats and melancholic chimes.

Listen below, with lyrics, and download via bandcamp. More, please.


Verse 1
That’s what they told you to do
But you stayed
And acted like the fool you were
Led astray
I even tried to warn you
What you crying for?
You knew this all would happen if you

Linger well
Idle hands become yours
Only dwell
If its not what you ask for

Verse 2
All alone
Glasshouse shattered through
Shards cut your vision
Now you’re seeing in two
Uh uh uh no
No help from me
And things wont mend on their own
Uh uh uh no
No time to speak
I think it’s best you go

Feeling brave and secure in your man-made tower
Enough distance to spin your next life
Nowhere to reign do you really have power
Fabricate until it seems right x 2