Sway x J Spades celebrate the return of Breaking Bad with new track “Heisenberg”

Following his freestyle over JAY Z’s “Somewhere In America”, Sway brings us the second (delayed) installment in his #SwaysSundayService series.

With my entire timeline either going crazy for the return of the popular cult series Breaking Bad after watching it or avoiding spoilers like the plague, Sway joins forces with J. Spades to bring us the appropriately titled “Heisenberg” (named after the show’s lead character). Press play below…

“Heisenberg” Lyrics
So you wanna make money
wanna be a top boy and you aint got a mate Sully
Grab a pot, have a pop
You can be doc for the Brown
But that stuff that you’ll be (w)rapping funny.
Man, I’ve seen so many go broke
Now they’re fiends and they need that fix
Two two’s f*** a break rather eat that Twix
See that kids connect through the Net like Flex Who woulda knew you could move speed that quick?
Swah why do you speak like this?
Because I learnt from my teens that snitches are attractive
And you don’t wanna be a babe magnet “oink” You dig it? I don’t mean brad pit
Good girl gone bad and boys chase girl
Ri Rehab quick
To be a dealer not everybody’s equipped even John Henry’s can see that s*#*.
I lie Jessie? Don’t ever hype a nerd
‘Cause when it gets messy they aint tryna ride a bird

Footsteps on my journey
See the roads that we walk
Wrong turns on my journey
Haters wanna see me fall
Now they’re looking for me
Tell ‘em that I’m gone
Came for the money
Grab the money then I’m…

Used to get bullied but now he’s perusing respect
Re mixing his-story and he’ll even do it on spec
Not a psycho but he’s selling his own Little Mix
Like a DJ hands on deck
And he’s trying to keep his records clean
So he aunt fooling with sets
He remembers being left in the desert like Walter
Listening to echoes, Grab the desert find water
Uncle Pat Thomas told us that money is blood
He said if though then where’s my cut
Charlie Sika Ye Mogya
Running up a tab and you can’t just quit or click disable cookies
For if you take the biscuit you may have to take the bookies
You can find anybody on an App so if you talk
Of all these boxes and you have them ticked get ready for that hood beef

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