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Another Sunday, another instalment of London repping rapper Sway‘s #SwaySundayService. Following “Somewhere In England“, “Heisenberg” and “Supercharge Part 2“, the respected lyricist takes us in the “Right Direction” with some help from singer Young Man (and his handy Tom Tom the satnav) over a soundscape produced By himself, Turkish, Lord Lancaster and Andrew Mutambira.

“Welcome to my fourth instalment of #SwaySundayService this one is all about direction. And yes, I did actually use my own Satnav. Try not to drive while listening to this as I will except no blame or responsibility for any confusion caused.
P.S these sessions were only intended for the month of August but due to such a great response we will continue throughout September also as we lead up to the release of my “Wake Up” EP…. So, see you next week!
Shout outs to all of those involved especially Brad Burton for allowing us to use his voice on this one” – Sway

Listen To: Sway f/ Young Man – “Right Direction”

Lyrics: Sway f/ Young Man – “Right Direction”

1st Verse

Whenever you’re trying to move too quick on the way to the top
Its only “Right” that you’re gonna get lost
Tryna “keep” up so you don’t get “left” behind
Without a penny so you don’t give a toss
Heads or tails you’re taking too many gambles
You’re on a “roundabout” and going too hard
“Then” you’re on the “road” taking too many shortcuts
Tryna “stay” in the race and now you’re going too fast
That’s not the sound that you hear *Speeding Alert*
Its more like *police siren* what’ve we found over here?
When the feds ask me I’m I moving any gear I’m like yeah,
I’m, good with the six right here
I’m tryna buy “300 yards” so whenever me and ideas “cross” paths
I action it, I Bronson it, on some gangster Giggs, Mark Ronson sh@^
Ah, everybody knows that I’m in my own “Lane”
Speaking of everybody nose,
I can share a Coke I aint watching no names
‘Cause I’ve always been the one that hopes everybody blows
Whether I “Turn left” or “right”
“Turn” day or night, I aint running to be “2nd”
I’m here to “stay” gotta keep “ahead” with every lyric I “write”
Let’s go


Clear roads no more traffic on the way
Here goes, here goes
I’ve been moving in the right direction (So clear)
Keep on moving in the right direction

“Enjoy the journey as much as the destination, There are no shortcuts, its gonna be hard” – Brad Burton

2nd Verse
Vroom, money money got you revving up your engine
But what do we have “left” when we spend it?
And “after” the debts pile up you‘ll see everybody and their Mummy running for the “Exit”
That’s “when” you start getting desperate
Some reach “the end of the road” wanna “end” it
When applying for jobs, people at the top take too long to respond
Ah, I know my flow is madness and it’s got the people screaming out Sway’s back
Every year you say that.
And even when the road got Rocky I was upstairs ASAP
“Right” wake up the game ‘cause they take naps
Got a brother feeling like Sean, take that
Look “sharp” I Combs through my issues
So you can see where my waves at
Everybody knows that I’m in my own “Lane”
Speaking of everybody nose,
I can share a Coke I aint watching no names
‘Cause I’ve always been the one that hopes everybody blows
Whether I “Turn left” or “right”
I’m tryna exceed my estimations
And googles the only time I’m hanging out ‘till she says
“You have reached your destination”


3rd Verse
Do re mi, I’ma “Keep write”-in until I turn “80”
Even though I’ve got a couple songs about speed *Speeding Alert*
Sorry, I still encourage road safety
I aint gonna retire, until my tyres have had it only then will I be tired and vanish Timmy Mallet
For now I wanna get played by Phil & Alice, wave bye to haters awww they feel embarrassed