Snapshots: Tinie Tempah gets fashionable for Mr. Porter

Having already achieved success in the music field, London-born MC Tinie Tempah is slowly but surely making moves into the fashion world. In 2012 alone, Tinie has started distributing his clothing label Disturbing London in Selfridges department store in his hometown and has been named ambassador for the newly-formed Men’s Fashion Week taking place in London this year. Solidifying his fashion status, Tinie does a shoot with Mr. Porter, the go-to men’s online fashion distributor, and sits down to talk about everything from his forthcoming second album Demonstration, how he feels about fame, and how his interest in fashion began.

Tinie has been steadily on his grind recording his second album, due for an October release, as well as working with Blur and Coldplay frontmen Damon Albarn and Chris Martin. Speaking on the new album Tinie lets slip a few details of what we’re to expect of his new sound.

“It’s very loud and hard and heavy,” he says. “There are some very beautiful moments. It’s very personal. I felt a duty to let people in a bit more. I’m 23, I’m living the dream, it’s a hell of a ride and I just want to let people know what is going on in my life.”

Since the release of his successful debut album DiscOvery, it’s safe to say the 23-year-old’s life has changed hugely, but that doesn’t stop Tinie from staying humble. “Every couple of days I have a pinch-myself moment,” he says, “but I’ve decided to just embrace it. This is one of those once in a lifetime chances and you can’t be walking around overwhelmed all the time. You’re never going to get anything done if you’re always flustered. And I’m quite good at adapting to situations.”

The South London MC definitely had no problem adapting to a more lavish lifestyle — which is apparent by the extravagance of some of his designs — a trait that Tinie says comes from his Nigerian heritage.

“Being Nigerian we like opulence,” he says. “If you go to any Nigerian home you’ll see red carpets, leather sofas, china plates. And the influence of the British, because Nigeria was a colony: making sure your tie is straight, your cuffs and your collars are clean.”

Speaking briefly about his new role on the committee for London’s Men’s Fashion Week, Tinie is excited at the propspect of what his city has to offer. “I feel as if London is so popular right now,” he says. “So much great talent is here. This is the place. It’s the epicentre of a lot of cool.”

London’s first Men’s Fashion Week kicks off June 15th with a weekend of fashion collections and runway shows as well as numerous events and parties around the capital — all with Tinie as the ambassador.

For the full interview, head over to Mr. Porter.